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On Point Jay Williams...

I usually don't agree with Jay Williams but this time he is on point. I don't agree with the NBA players going to play in this current environment. Racial injustice, Covid and despair of 2020 says we have bigger fish to fry. However, if we must have sports please use your platform for the greater good. Complaining about  living conditions in a billion dollar bubble while making millions of dollars is not a good look.

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Pythian Club

"It's rare enough that a baseball team makes history once, let alone twice. But the Philadelphia Pythians did it three times." The groundbreaking foresight of the Philadelphia Pythians and their impact was the unique inspiration for the Negrow League Edition "Pythian Club" jersey available in orange and green.  Featured on the jersey is the RBG flag. Its meaning still remains true from its humble orgin from Marcus Garvey. During the reign of the Philadelphia Pythians they "proved that the nation's African-American base ball community had the aspirations for success that the parallel white leagues and teams had. "    

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