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On Point Jay Williams...

I usually don't agree with Jay Williams but this time he is on point. I don't agree with the NBA players going to play in this current environment. Racial injustice, Covid and despair of 2020 says we have bigger fish to fry. However, if we must have sports please use your platform for the greater good. Complaining about  living conditions in a billion dollar bubble while making millions of dollars is not a good look.

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Part play-by-play, part op-ed, The Game Is Not a Game is an illuminating and unflinching examination of the good and evil in the sports industry. Liberating and provocative, with sharp wit and generous humor, Jackson’s essays explore the role that sports plays in American society and the hypocritical standards by which the athletes are often judged. The Game Is Not a Game is distinctly intended to challenge accepted ideology and to push the boundaries of mainstream sports media beyond the comfort zone. Chapters expose “Our Miseducation of LeBron James,” “#ThemToo: The UnRespected Worth of the Woman Athlete,” the duplicity of the NFL in its treatment of Colin Kaepernick and the anthem protests, the cultural bias of analytics, and the power...

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