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Thank You!!!!

This has been an incredible week for the brand. I want to thank all the loyal customers and a very loud welcome and thank you to the new customers who have purchased items. We got some very special and exclusive joints dropping very soon.

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Welcome Back!!!

2017-18 was a tremendous year and season for the Negrow League. We experienced some outstanding gains and growth.We saw our "Pythian Club" Jersey sell out immediately. As well as shirts and polos. We gained a few new members, players, and contributors since then. However, we also faced enormous adversity. The type of strife that made continuing Negrow League a tough choice. But through perseverance and vision we still here, better than ever?  Our REBIRTH, is taking place as we speak. It has been a slow grind but we back with new focus and determination. Thanks to all who kept the vision and see where WE going!  Negrow League the curators of the culture. Water for the Wave. Continue the good...

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Pythian Club

"It's rare enough that a baseball team makes history once, let alone twice. But the Philadelphia Pythians did it three times." The groundbreaking foresight of the Philadelphia Pythians and their impact was the unique inspiration for the Negrow League Edition "Pythian Club" jersey available in orange and green.  Featured on the jersey is the RBG flag. Its meaning still remains true from its humble orgin from Marcus Garvey. During the reign of the Philadelphia Pythians they "proved that the nation's African-American base ball community had the aspirations for success that the parallel white leagues and teams had. "    

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